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  Hello There! 

          This is Ganesh Karthik , A passionate UI/UX designer and Software Engineer.


I started my career as a software solutions engineer which allowed me to deeply connect with clients to understand their requirements and painpoints to crush technological complexities.Now as I transition into more UX oriented roles I wish to 

focus on the greater human problems that drive technology whilst making technically feasible designs.

                                                                               Below are some of my projects.

Bolt Common Intake App. - Application wide UX modernisation

Bolt is Bank of America's premier common intake application used by 100s of internal support agents. During my tenure as a software engineer in the Bank I had the opportunity to co-organize a UX modernization change aimed at improving operational efficiency and user experience.

boa logo.PNG

Plant Bounty -  UX case study with a focus on
Cultural Dimensions

Plant Bounty is a digital solution I developed after studying the indoor and home-gardening habits of over 50 users. Additionally I have also attempted to use Hofstede's Cultural dimension theory to make culturally releveant designs.

website pic.PNG

Fun Events Planner - A Java based application

Fun Events planner is a java based application hosted on Apache Tomcat application server and PostgreSQL database. This project is a proof-of-concept application meant for automating various processes involved  in conducting fun events (birthdays , anniversaries , one-off festival parties etc) within the department I worked for during my tenure in Pegasystems , a software MNC.


Commissioned Art Work

I'am a self-taught sketch artist. Over the years I have sketched several portraits for clients in India. Although my primary profession is that of a software engineer , I do spend my weekends and leisure time sketching portraits. My artwork have also been featured in The Hindu newspaper supplement , India's second most circulated english newspaper. Check out some of my samples here.


Automatic agriculture management system using sensor networks

This project was developed during my undergraduation in Electrical and Electronics engineering.It is also the The Best Project awards winner in INNOVISION 2017 competition organised in associations with IEEE computer society , computer society of India and association for computing machinery

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