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Hello there! I think we've met earlier, at the Home page (haha). I’m Ganesh Karthik. I’m someone who believes that diverse perspectives makes way for strong UX designs. Over the years, I have held several roles including that of solutions engineer, a scrum master, a developer, a localization associate, a UX designer and an accessibility tester. Each of these roles gave me unique perspectives and skills to tackle complex user experience issues. I continue to add more skills and perspectives to my design signature with every new opportunity.

Software engineer.png
accessibility expert.png
Ux designer.png
Localisation expert.png

All the illustrations are digitally hand-drawn, each in a different drawing style representing the unique perspective I bring to user experience design through each of these roles that I have held.

Scrum master.png

My makeshift instagram 

at kuwait tower.jpg

Me with my dad and sister at Kuwait Towers , I think it's fair to say my parents chose usability over aesthetics while dressing me up

me with dad at the Dubai museum.jpg

Me with my dad at the Dubai museum entrance. That unfortunately was how far we were allowed to carry a camera into the museum


Me along with my offshore team members in Pegasystems (software MNC) in a team outing in Bangalore , India. In case you're wondering I'am the one in all black outfit.

IMG_20230101_152628 (2).jpg

TA shot of seattle skyline from Arbora cruise - I will come clean , my friend paid for the cruise .


Lake Diablo in Washington 

The space needle in Seattle.

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